foto/photo: John Paul Bichard

Nina Grigorjeva, med bakgrund som barockharpist, bildar tillsammans med riksspelmannen Johan Lång duon Eir. De skapar med harpa, nyckelharpa och två röster en atmosfärisk klangvärld där tydliga folk-influenser blandas med improvisation och minimalism. Kompositionerna genomsyras av långa linjer där även det enkla får sin plats.



Nina Grigorjeva, with a past as a successful baroque musician, form together with the riksspelman Johan Lång the duo Eir.

Eir create a cinematic sound where nordic folk is combined with classical music and pop. Their original compositions are characterized by long lines where the timbre of the instruments are allowed to prosper.



With harp, nyckelharpa and vocals the duo Eir conjures a musical world that resonates within the human mind. The atmosphere they create shifts and turns between light, darkness, hope and melancholy which together with the the audienceʼs own experiences and associations creates a whole thatʼs larger than only two persons with two instruments.

When they met at the end of 2017 they realized that they both shared a musical desire that they this far hadnʼt had the opportunity to express. They were both fascinated by ancient times, stories and mythological worlds and this became the common ground that would give shape to their compositions.

Johan Lång was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden, and at the age of 16 he became fascinated by the traditional Swedish instrument called ”nyckelharpa” and the soundscapes it is able to produce. After studying at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm he is now an acknowledged player and teacher of traditional Swedish folk music. In Eir, Johan uses the ethereal sound of the nyckelharpa to illustrate different scenes, be it the wind caressing the top of a mountain or the frigidity of a winterʼs morning.

Nina was born in Saint Petersburg and moved to Stockholm in her teenage years. It was there that her interest in early music awoke which later served as the base in her early career as an orchestra and ensemble musician. With her studies in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, Nina has specialized on historical woodwind instruments, baroque harp and later also Scandinavian folk music. Today she is active as a multi instrumentalist and composer primarily in the folk music genre. Through her compositions on the harp she creates a contemplative and melancholic landscape that envelopes the listener and brings forth memories of a different time and place.

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